Sexy Menu (English Version) - Ozzé BG-18

Sexy Menu is a stimulating game for couples who wish to spice up their lovelife!
Sexy Menu is entertaining, funny and offers players the chance to give and/or receive many favors.
Challenge your partner, express your artistic talents and earn memorable sexy favors...
The goal of the game is to accumulate as many Sexy-Points as possible so you can order your favorite
sexy meal, from the numerous options offered on the Sexy Menu.
The game includes:
-2 tokens
- 1 die
- 1 minute hourglass
- 1 board 2 notepads
 -2 pencils
- 1 Sexy Menu
- 1 blindfold 1 play dough
- 3 body color crayons 54 Challenge cards
- 54 Artistic cards
- 54 Intimacy cards 25 vouchers worth 5 Sexy-Points 25 vouchers worth 10 Sexy-Points 25 vouchers worth 20 Sexy-Points