Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

Every year millions of bridesmaids plan traditional and often boring bridal showers for soon to be brides. Brides open their lackluster presents while their friends watch on indifferently. offers a unique bridal shower alternative that both the bride and her friends can enjoy. Through enlisting Fantasia’s home party plan, the bridal shower will be presented with the latest in massage oils, adult toys, games, edible creams, and more. Participants will not only benefit from the presentation, but will also be able to purchase and receive their favorite items for themselves and the bride at the end of the bridal shower. This ensures an entertaining and rewarding bridal shower experience for everyone involved. caters to the modern and sexually free bride who enjoys life and having fun.

Traditional bridal shower themes often revolve around kitchen showers and china and glass showers. realizes that the modern woman is more than just a cook or homemaker and deserves a bridal shower that celebrates her power and sexual freedom. Their mission is to educate new brides on intimacy and sex in order to enhance their sexual experience to benefit both themselves and their partner. Fantasia knows that modern brides are not concerned with homemaking and that the secret to a healthy marriage is intimacy. Through filling out their Host a Party form on; brides and their friends will enjoy an entertaining and informative bridal shower that will benefit their marriages far beyond a new set of towels.

Nowadays, couples often move in together before deciding to get married. This means that the essential house items are already bought long before the bridal shower takes place. Brides no longer need the linens and cookware traditionally given to her at the bridal shower and become bored by new towels and pots. is at the forefront of innovative and unique bridal shower gift ideas. After presenting the bride and her friends with the latest and best in intimate toys, games, and massage oils, friends can purchase and receive the bride’s favorite items at the bridal shower.This makes for an instant and entertaining bridal shower gift that the bride is sure to enjoy. is ensured to present new and innovative products that will entice the bride and her friends more than traditional bridal shower fare. also offers an attractive incentives program for bridal shower hosts. Through the Hostess Incentive Program, bridal shower hosts can receive 10% of the total amount spent by their party off of free products and gifts of their choice. This is definitely a program that any over worked and stressed out bridal shower host will be happy to take advantage of. believes that the bride should not be the only one to benefit from their bridal shower.

The modern bride is a confident woman that needs a bridal shower to match her adventurous attitude. is an excellent resource for hosts who are bored with the typical bridal shower theme fare and wish to plan an exciting and unique bridal shower experience for the bride and her friends. Everyone is ensured to be entertained by Fantasia's presentations and products and walk away with a handful of goodies.

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