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Fantasia About Us

The sensual side of relationships should be just as exciting, open and fun as any other part of your commitment to each other. Oftentimes though, it gets lost behind insecurities, hidden fears and unmet desires.

Since 1980, Fantasia has helped women to find their sensual voice.

Helping Women to Find Their Sensual Voice

Fantasia makes romance and intimacy fun. We help you discover your sensual voice, so that you can express your hidden desires. This makes for a fuller, richer relationship on every level. How would it feel to not only be able to express to your partner what you want, but be able to demonstrate it as well.

The Fantasia Product Line

Our full line of products include mouthwatering edible creams, top-of-the-line massage oils, tasty powders, erotic books and games, unique novelty items, adult toys and lingerie. From the conservative woman to the tigress who likes to indulge her wild side, there's something for everyone.

Fantasia for Him Too!

We realize it takes two to play the game, so there are products for men in the Fantasia product line as well.

Sexy Education in an Open, Comfortable Environment

Fantasia home parties are an excellent way to explore your sensual side in an open, comfortable environment. With the focus squarely on fun, sexy education, you learn how to explore your more intimate side amongst friends, guided by a professional.

Fantasia consultants are passionate and entertaining. Realizing that some participants might need to be brought out of their shell more than others, they skillfully answer questions, guide conversations and coax even the most reluctant attendee to feel comfortable.

Fantasia Empowers on an Economic Level as Well

Moving from the bedroom to the boardroom, Fantasia empowers consultants on an economic level as well. We offer a cash-and-carry party host plan with a very generous commission structure. Following are some of the perks enjoyed by Fantasia consultants.

Perks Enjoyed by Fantasia Consultants

Cash-and-Carry: At Fantasia, we don't make you wait to get paid. We offer a cash-and-carry party host plan. What that means is that you get paid the night of the party.

Merchandise on Consignment: Party selling leads to lots of "on the spot" purchases. We do everything we can to make sure that you don't miss out on any of these. So, not only do we not make you wait to get paid, we give you up to $10,000 in merchandise so that you always have plenty on hand to make as many sales as possible.

A Complete Support System: Fantasia offers a complete support system to all consultants. With a back-office team of more than 20 employees, we provide unmatched service to our more than 250 consultants across Canada.

Financial Freedom: Perhaps the biggest perk of becoming a Fantasia sales consultant is that it allows you to build a business of your own, which can lead to financial freedom. You decide the hours you want to work and how much money you want to make.

Call us now to host a fantasia party at: 1-800-363-6068. Ask for Josie Vitale.