Product Catalog

The Fantasia Product Catalog

At Fantasia, we make shopping easy, online and off. Our online product catalog is divided into the following categories.

Lingerie: Here you will find sexiness in everything from the predictable French Maid's costume, to the unpredictable Penthouse Boy Shorts. Catering to every taste, we mix and match our lines. You’ll find the traditional sexiness of silk and lace, as well as the modern edge of low-rise cotton panties and a Penthouse Cami & Capri pant outfit.

Just as sexiness is not one style fits all, neither are our sizes. They range from Small to Medium to Large to Queen. No matter your taste or size, we've got you covered.

Toys & Accessories for Her: With delightful names like the Rainbow Beam and The Charmer, there are a full line of erotic toys that will bring out the tigress in every woman. And, you can experience them from the bedroom to the bathroom.

One of our most popular toys is the Sea of Love, a unique collection of vibrating aquatic playmates. You can “play in the sea of the shower” alone, or with your mate. Either way, bathing will never be thought of the same way again.

Toys & Accessories for Him: It takes two to tango. At Fantasia, we have a line of toys for him too. There are toys for him to use on you and toys for him to pleasure himself. He'll have a rollicking good time exploring, heightening the delight for the both of you.

Books, Games & Novelties: If erotica is new to you, the books, games and novelties section of the website is an excellent way to introduce yourself to sensual pleasures. You can do it in the comfort and privacy of your home.

There are books on lovemaking and sexual positions. There are delightful fun novelties to explore, like hot massage packs and candy bras ad jock straps. Want to continue the fun and exploration, order the Sensations Game. It engages all five senses in an exciting way.

You and your loved one will never spend another bored night alone again.

Shunga: This section of our online catalog features exotic oils and love tools like crystals, body gels and massage cream, among other items.

One of the unique offerings you’ll find in this section is the Geisha's Secret Collection. It features edible gel, massage oils and edible body powder, for starters. Also included is a feather tickler, to excite your senses from the outside in.

Fantasia’s “Offline Catalog”: Home Parties

One of the best ways to discover Fantasia is via a home party with one of our knowledgeable consultants. Consultants carry a full range of Fantasia products with them. It's like bringing our entire website right to your home.

Whether you experience Fantasia products online or off, you’re sure to get your heart's desire – with live demonstrations, explanations and suggestions – right in front of you. Everything you need for sensual pleasure can be found at

Call us now to host a fantasia party at: 1-800-363-6068